Published On: Thu, Jan 25th, 2018

US Will Start Joint Military Drills With South Korea After Winter Olympics

The defense minister spokesperson said in a statement that United States with South Korea will start the joint military drills after the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Pyeongchang that will end in March and he released the statement in a briefing on Thursday.

US Will Start Joint Military Drills With South Korea After Winter Olympics.jpg

According to the spokesperson Choi Hyun Soo on Thursday that after winter Olympics that will hold in North, United States and South Korea will start the joint normal military exercises.

While it has raised many questions about American plans as they are again going to gather for the drills that will increase the regional pressures.

The declaration of announcement by the officials have delayed because of the start of Winter Olympics as it is announced by the government for the reunification for the games to public.

Now they are going to hold joint hockey practices in North Korea while after end in March, the military drills will be hold by US.

North Korea and United States have many clashes because of their different strategies, a lot of time Pyongyang has warned US for military wars.

Due to their conflicts the world faced tensions that are the cause of downfall of their economy and South Korea has announced to join the hands with President Donald Trump.

Many of times North Korea has warned the United States for nuclear attack as well as the South Korea but now the situation is getting to be cool.

As all Koreans are to be united on the time of Olympic games and now in that countries the slogan of all Koreans whether in country or abroad facilitate for unification.

South and North Korean hockey teams will join the hands for hockey match practices but after end in March US and South will start military drills.

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