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Valentine Week 2018: All Days In Week, Calendar, Date Sheet Of List Days

People from all over the world are waiting for the valentine day while this day is very special for the couples and on this day they exchange their loves to make relationships stronger. This day is expected from all the couples through the year and 2018’s February month will provide the lifetime days on different events.

There were many events in last year when people spent their lovely time with loved ones and now again the New Year is providing a list of days which are very special to the lovers. Valentine is a day on which all the couples promises each other to spent their life with their loved ones and by exchange their love as well as happiness on this day, they make their relationships stronger.

Some people think that there is only one day for loves and to spread the happiness while February is known as month of Valentine. Here we prepared a calendar of love days in February month.

Rose Day (7th February)

Rose shows the beginning of the love week, Roses are well known as the marks of love around the world while7th February starts the celebration of Valentine’s week around the world. On these days, rose’s sale in a very fast way as like sale of hot buns while this day provides a opportunity to a lover to purpose his or her lover by offering flowers/ roses.  On this day lovers present a banquet of flowers to feel their partners special and it is event which allows every man to express his love for his loved ones.


Propose Day (8th February)

If you want to purpose your crush then 8th February is best day to express your love with the special gifts while this Propose Day is celebrated as unofficial holiday in many countries like in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. A large number of youngsters expressed their loves with their girlfriends or boyfriends and purposed them to make future together. You can make the special day of your crush on this day by planning a best and unique way for the proposal to girlfriend in order to make her yours.


Chocolate Day (9th February)

Chocolate day refers the day only for the loved ones while it may contain relatives, friends and your crush while one can make the day best in the year by offering a special chocolate as a gift which shows your love and care. Chocolate is not a simple thing to eat but it refers to the expressions and feelings of heart that can be very touchy to front man and this is the way to express your loved ones that they are very dear to you while creamy chocolate is the other way to keep the relation going.


Teddy Day (10th February)

Teddy bear is the way to keep you girlfriends or girls are happy because beautiful and cute bears have placed into the hearts easily of women. By giving such tremendous gift on 10 February you can tell your loved ones that she is very special to you and this Teddy will always keep your memories in his arms and heart. Lovers give the teddy bear on this day and cute couple share their loves while you can get the more kisses from your crush by offering a beautiful gift.


Promise Day (11th February)

Promise day marks the importance of your loved ones in your life while on this day many couples make the promises to be together for always till the last breath and this day is about the commitment. On 11 February many couples promise to each other for wedding in next coming days in order to just tell them that you are nothing without your love. How much your lover means to you and this day shows the importance of your relation.


Hug Day (12th February)

Two days before Valentine, Hug Day is there which shows the love and care for your best friends, lover and relatives. In normal life, you can disagreed or agreed with your partner but on this special day couple forget all the last mistakes and keep away their misunderstandings to just improve their relationship. Hugging is a way through which you can show your life to your partner and this is the solution of approximately all the misunderstandings. While people who matters a lot to you, images, messages, wishes and GIFs can be send to them.


Kiss Day (13th February)

Just one day before the lovers day that is known as Valentine Day on 14th February, Kiss day comes with many expectations and unlimited love wishes with your partners. Kiss does not mean that touch of two bodies or lips touch of two persons but it means more than it for a girlfriend or partner because it shows that she is everything for you. A forehead kiss tells a girl that the man is more important for her than to everyone in the world as couple through giving a kiss remembers to partner that they will be their partner in whole life.


Valentine Day (14th February)

Valentine’s Day is known by different names in different regions like Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine which is celebrated on 14 February annually and this Valentine name originated from Western Christian feast day saints Valentinus. On this there is no public holiday in country but this is considered as most important day for the lovers while in different regions this day is celebrated as significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration. Couples wait for this day from a long time at which people can make their days memorable with gifts, surprises, tours and more of love.


Valentine Week 2018: All Days In Week, Calendar, Date Sheet Of List Days
Rank Valentine Week 2018
1 Rose Day 7th February
2 Propose Day 8th February
3 Chocolate Day 9th February
4 Teddy Day 10th February
5 Promise Day 11th February
6 Hug Day 12th February
7 Kiss Day 13th February
8 Valentine Day 14th February

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