Published On: Mon, Jul 16th, 2018

What Facilities Nawaz Sharif And Maryam Nawaz Will Get In Jail B Class

The first night in jail, of Pakistan’s ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and daughter Maryam was a fine and comfortable one as they availed ‘B’ Class facilities in the high protected Adiala Jail in Rawalpindi.


Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam, who were convicted on owning four luxurious flats in UK, were captured by the National Accountability Bureau authorities on Friday immediately after their arrival in Lahore.

Both were then moved in a special flight to Islamabad where they were separately taken to Adiala Jail.

Maryam was to be kept at Sihala rest house but later on the authorities modified the decision by keeping both of the prisoners at Adiala jail for the time being, where they are given B class facilities.

A medical test of both father and daughter was also carried out on their first night in jail which showed them completely fit.

In Pakistan, B-class prisoners get better facilities than other prisoners. B-class category is for the prisoners who are used to a high standard living.

Other prisoners can also get B-class facilities if the government orders. Normally, A and B class prisoners are well-educated and also give lessons to lower class inmates. They are not asked for heavy labor work and instead they’re engaged in a more useful work.

A and B class rooms are normally furnished with a bed, a chair, teapot and a lantern. Necessary cleaning appliances are also provided.

Prisoners of A and B class can also get air conditioner, newspaper, fridge, television and other facilities but on their own expenses. Overall, prisoners are provided with possible and sufficient comfort and ease in A and B class category.

According to NAB, trials of rest of the references will be carried out in the Adiala jail under strict and high security.

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