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What To Write In An Essay About Cybersecurity For A School Assignment?

So you’re at school and facing an essay about cybersecurity. What exactly do you write about? It’s certainly a hot topic and one that every modern digital native should know about as part of their digital citizenship lessons.

Don’t worry, we’ve got the lowdown to make sure you make the grade with ease!

The points to cover

Cybersecurity is a growing field thanks to the rapid escalation of varied cybercrimes. Examples of cybercrime are:

– identity theft: where hackers steal your digital identity and use it to set up fake accounts in your name.

– Hacking: where your accounts are compromised and your data and money are stolen

– Piracy: where torrenting, for example, is used to share pirate and copyrighted material

– Financial fraud: from bank accounts or other financial services

– Phishing: where emails that look genuine contain links that steal your information

– Ransomware and Malware: Which release viruses onto your device

– IoT hacking: where data is stolen from your IoT devices, or where viruses are installed on them

– The Dark Web: Where criminals can carry out their activities undetected.

The cybersecurity response

The cybersecurity industry has grown out of these cybercrimes and there are a number of key things you can cover here. For example:

1. The majority of cyber threats can be prevented by using tools such as a VPN, so that users can go online securely and privately, without being spotted by hackers and other criminals. Read an ExpressVPN review for a VPN service rated highly.

VPNs are easy to install, offer superb security and privacy, protect users fully and are extremely affordable. In fact, most genuine and top-quality peer-reviewed VPN services cost just a couple of £££ a month.

2. Most threats are down to bad personal security online

From weak passwords used consistently across all user accounts through to clicking through phishing emails, cybercriminals know that they can take advantage of inattention or weak personal security to install malware or steal data.

3. Digital devices now pose significant threats

Businesses and individuals alike rely on their smartphones and tablets to work and play on the go. however, without the protection offered by a cloaking and encryption service such as VPN, it is all too easy for cybercriminals to get to work. Physical theft of devices is also another worry.

4. The IoT brings new challenges

The IoT brings the ability to connect all online devices in order to bring about superb efficiencies. However, with these opportunities will come new threats – and a new wave of experts will be required to keep networks safe.

5. Many companies are still failing to encrypt their data

Most organisations are still failing to fully encrypt their confidential data when sending it out of the private network. A VPN will encrypt data and is used by some smart businesses, working in the background to protect all online activity. A lack of knowledge is one of the main reasons behind this failure to adequately protect the business from attacks.

6. Cybercrime erodes business brands

Customers lose trust in business if they are subject to a data hack. This is especially the case where financial customer information is attacked. Even where that information is since recovered, the company can lose its brand and customers alike.

7. Cybercrime can cripple organisations

When digital crimes occur, organisations suffer downtime which can cripple the way that they operate. Remember the vast ransomware attack that crippled the NHS in 2017?

8. Negligent employees can damage the entire network

If an employee is negligent at work and clicks on a malware link or a phishing email, for example, they can compromise the entire data network and lead to a security breach.

9. IT cybersecurity is still a growing field

Although the field of cybersecurity is growing, many business leaders still don’t know enough about it to make informed decisions. Many businesses are still failing to invest in the measures needed to stay up to speed and to safeguard their operation from increasingly sophisticated threats.

10. There is a shortage of cybersecurity professionals

The field of cybersecurity is growing fast and evolving at a dizzying pace. This means that cybersecurity professionals are hotly in demand, but there aren’t enough yet to keep up with demand.

So if the field interests you, the essay that you have been tasked with may just kick off a future career in a fascinating, rapidly-evolving, challenging and satisfying career that will offer opportunities in just about every sector of the future.

With so many of tomorrow’s jobs likely to be overtaken by automation (refer to cybersecurity and the IoT!) – the career field of cybersecurity looks more enticing than ever!

The cybersecurity takeaway: Remember the trusty VPN

Just remember, whatever stage of your educational journey you are at, make use of a VPN as a student or a consumer. You will be able to enjoy plenty of benefits – such as accessing geo-blocked content, using a public WiFi safely and enjoying completely secure and anonymous online activities, without needing to do anything other than install the software and let it go to work!                            

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