Published On: Tue, Dec 25th, 2018

What’s the Best Way to Cut Lots of Nails, Screws, and Bolts?


There is a point when one gets easily frustrated because the nail or screw has been stripped or bent and you want to cut it. This can be a nightmare especially when you have already cut off the head with your hammer. It will not only slow down your work but make also make what you are working on look untidy in the process. There are actually several ways that one can get away with rather than from relying on the power tools that are available in the market.

Methods to use

1. Snipping

Sniping is one of the most efficient and common way when one wants to get rid of a screw or a nail that is protruding. It is also an ideal way of removing a nail or crew that has a damaged head and not only look bad but can be very harmful. The tool that you end up using will not only depend on the diameter of the fastener but also the how hard the metal is.

There are several wire cutters that are available in the market which will do the job just fine. The best among them is the anvil cutter that is ideal for cutting both the nails and screws with so much ease. It is advisable that for the tool to be more efficient you should use a longer handle this is because they give you more cutting power.

Another way to go about cutting the bolts is by using the bolt cutters, even though they are not considered as one of the best way to go about this because of the bulkiness, it is easy to say that it gets the job done very well with the ability to cut through large diameters fasteners.

How to Use Bolt and Wire Cutters?

Here are some of the tips that one should always consider when using the bolt and wire cutters. This will enable you save a lot of time and find the tool much more useful in the long run.

• It is advisable to ensure that when you are using the tool, the cutting blades have fit very well around the shank of the fastener that you are cutting.

• Chisel around the wood when the fastener is embedded in the wood as this will allow you to have room around the head.

• Work the tool around the fastener as this will not only enable you to get maximum cutting force but also ease the whole process as the shank will be close to the pivotal.

2. Sawing

Sawing is another way of cutting through a shank of a nail when you want to separate the two pieces. There are so many cutting blades that are available in the market for nearly any cutting blades but be advised that in order to get the best performance, look for a blade that will give reciprocating action. You will realize that nearly all metal cutting blades for this kind of work have a tooth count of more than ten teeth in every inch.

3. Grinding

Last but not least is the use of diamond grinding wheels that will ensure that one cuts through the nails and bolts with so little effort and the beauty of this machine is that it can be fixed across any rotary cutters be it small or large.

The angle grinder is one of the most powerful of all metal cutting tools that is available in the market at the moment. It has a cutting blade that is about four and half inches in diameter and is very ideal for any worker who wants to cut through very heavy bolts.

You will also realize that rotary tools can be used for so many other functions and one of them is cutting through bolt or nail when fitted with grinding wheel this is because it can easily cut through any metal.


There are several ways to go about cutting through the nails and bolts and it all depends with your scenario. This article has cut across all the three most coming scenario that one might find themselves in need of cutting the fasteners. It is advisable that for one to get the job done effortlessly and with a lot of precision, they should know what to use and how.

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