Published On: Tue, Dec 25th, 2018

When Buying A New Mattress

Have you ever waken up with bad sleep because of your mattress? Studies show that a lot of people in the United States experience sleep disturbance. People experience back pain and sores in the face because of bad sleep.

With these problems, it is important to consider changing your mattress and we know most of you would want to find good discount mattresses.

A wooden frame bed or just laying on the floor is not the problem. The top priority of all these things is having a comfortable mattress because the support and comfort mattresses provide is equal to the value of sleep we get.

Below are the guidelines you have to follow when planning to purchase a new mattress for back pain on

1. A firmness test is required

People have different tastes in selecting mattresses. It would actually depend on the purchaser how firm she wants her mattress to be, so the best way to test the mattress is to see it and try it yourself. Try lying on the mattress and check if you are comfortable on it.

You may also test it by asking a companion to insert his/her hand under your back while you are lying on the mattress. If your friend’s hand cannot get through, the mattress may be hard for you but if the hand passes easily, then it might be too soft.

2. Look for a strong support

The salesperson might be telling you all good things the mattress can offer. Don’t focus too much on what the salesperson is telling you. The decision is still yours and besides, you are the one experiencing those back pains and you know better what really fits for you.

If you’re trying to test a mattress for strong support, see if the mattress fits with the contours of your body. If you’re experiencing back pain, the mattress should support the painful part of the body.

3. Check out the width

In buying mattresses, you must consider how big the mattress you desire. For example, if the mattress will be used by two persons, then it is expected that bigger size of mattress should be purchased.

4. Pick one of high-quality

Most high-quality mattresses may cost too much but put in mind that your sleep is at stake when you don’t buy a high-quality mattress. In addition, sleep is one of the basic needs of the body.

Without sound and comfortable sleep, the body couldn’t get enough rest. As a result, the quality of life is lessened.

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