Published On: Thu, Dec 14th, 2017

White House Responds On Tillerson’s Statement That US Is Not Ready To Talk With North Korea

The State Department and White House said on Wednesday that United States is not ready for talks with North Korea after the statement of Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson that America and Pyongyang could start the negotiations without any preconditions.


After the statement of Rex Tillerson that United States will start the negotiations with North Korea without any preconditions but to give up the nuclear development program will be the condition in any talks.

Now White House as well as State department stated on Wednesday that US is not ready for talks with Pyongyang.

In recent days, Russia told to Tillerson in a meeting that North Korea is ready for direct talks with United States while they will not undermine their nuclear missile program.

On Tuesday it was stated by Secretary of State Rex that America and Korea could sit inform of each other for talks without any preconditions but they will give up their nuclear program in any negotiations.

White House and State department both have denied for talks with North Korea on Wednesday while Secretary of Stated proposed on Tuesday that both countries would sit together for direct talks face to face and not the statements of different officials are different which show the conflicts among US departments.

According to National Security Council spokesperson that there are possibilities of direct talks with North Korea but denuclearization should be do while Pyongyang should take some serious steps to give up the nuclear development program for talks.

The state secretary Rex Tillerson had said that US is ready for direct talks with North Korea without preconditions but they should give up the nuclear missile program and now White House has denied talking with Pyongyang.

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