Published On: Mon, May 27th, 2019

Why Mobile Gamers Should Be Concerned About Cybersecurity

The gaming industry is one of the largest entertainment industries in the world, and currently, there are over 210 million mobile gamers in the US alone.

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With such a high number of gamers, it’s no wonder that the gaming industry is a major target for cyberattacks. Studies show that the average gamer’s experienced about five cyberattacks. Their passwords, emails, and credit card info get leaked, causing a lot of problems.  

So, let’s take a look at some of the most common cybersecurity issues mobile gamers face, and the steps they can take to stay secure.

Malicious Programs

Malware, viruses, and other threats are commonly found in games, especially when they’re downloaded from unreliable sources. The fault often lies with the gamers themselves. They display poor cybersecurity practices in-game, something that they wouldn’t normally do outside of it.

Mobile gamers are more likely to click on suspicious links if they’re offered cheats or hacks in exchange. They also tend to be more trustworthy of other users, which means phishing campaigns are often more successful in games.

Privacy Concerns

Mobile games collect a lot of information about their players. And the more personal information a game collects, the more likely it is to become a target of a cyberattack.

The data can include geographical location, email address, phone number, credit card information, social media accounts, and more. All this information can be stolen and sold on the darknet, used for personal gain, or even for further cyber attacks.

In-Game Hacking

Another problem that mobile gamers face is in-game hacking. While it might not be as serious as some other real-world consequences of cyberattacks, it’s unpleasant nonetheless.

Accounts with a lot of in-game currency and rare items are exceptionally valuable, as those in-game commodities can be exchanged or sold for real money.

Staying Secure

From all the mobile apps available for download, games pose the biggest threat. There are a few steps, however, that gamers can take to ensure better cybersecurity while they play.

Being Vigilant  

This is always a good idea for all gamers and non-gamers alike. Being aware of the risks, and not falling for some of the common scams can save a lot of people a lot of trouble.

Some of the common practices include downloading the games from trusted sources only, giving out only the basic information necessary to download the game, not clicking on any links sent by strangers and other players, etc.

It’s important for everyone to be aware of all the major threats they’re facing, stay up to date with the best security practices, and follow them.

Password Protection

All mobile gamers should ensure their passwords are strong and unique. A strong password is the first line of defense against cyberattacks; this is true for all online accounts, not just games.

Over 59% of users recycle old passwords or use identical passwords for different accounts. This poses a significant threat because if a single account is compromised – all of them are.

The best passwords will be impossible to guess, and they won’t contain any information that someone could easily find. They should also be unique, never used for multiple accounts.

Using VPN

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is advisable for all mobile gamers (example of a VPN provider). A VPN offers many advantages. But it mainly serves to provide gamers with a secure and hidden connection. This helps players stay somewhat anonymous since no one can pinpoint their exact physical location.

A VPN offers another advantage since it gives gamers access to geo-locked games. Those who live in (or are visiting) a country that is blocked from accessing a specific game can still be able to play it.  By changing your location with a VPN, you can download any game you want.

VPN can also serve to prevent DDoS attacks. These attacks are carried out to slow down someone’s internet connection. This usually results in bad response time or even disconnects a player from the game.  Attackers only need your IP address to target you and make you lose the game. Since a VPN hides your IP, it’s the best way to protect yourself from DDoS attacks.

Good cybersecurity is essential for mobile and desktop gamers. Following these steps will ensure every gamer is properly protected. So you can focus solely on the game and not worry about cybersecurity.

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