Published On: Sat, Nov 9th, 2019

Why Online Casinos Are Becoming Increasingly Popular?

Online casinos have been thriving for the last decade due to numerous and diverse reasons. In the past 5 years, the percentage of people playing in gambling sites has reached record numbers causing a social phenomenon. Almost half of the population that has access to a PC or a smartphone in countries like South Africa and the Philippines is registered at an online casino or bookmaker.

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What Caused the Boom of Online Casinos?

The truth is, there are many answers to this question with the result being that online gambling is now a multi-billion industry with millions of customers around the world.

Technological Progress

First of all, it is the development of new technologies. With the progress of mobile networks, the Internet connection has become stronger and faster than ever, allowing for a stable play wherever one is. Smartphones and tablets have also changed a lot since the invention of the first iPhone in 2007. Today, some of them are more powerful than old PCs, making them a perfect platform for online gambling.

Number of Games Provided

Another advantage of online casinos is the variety of games they provide. The sheer number of slots some sites offer is overwhelming. One can never get this diversity in a brick and mortar casino, no matter how big it is. Players, who tend to have only fun, will always prefer to sit on their comfortable sofa and try a new game every evening. On the other hand, land-based casinos offer them to travel for one hour to play the same game they have in the past year for a thousand times.

The Amount of Jackpot Offers

With the huge slots range some gambling sites supply, comes the third benefit of online casinos – Progressive Jackpots. The increased number of fruit machines means that the choice of jackpots rises, too. Right now, there are dozens of jackpots, some of which exceed one million dollars. On top of that, they are powered by various and trusted software providers – something that leads to the other favor of online casinos.

Software Providers

In a land-based casino one can choose from one, maybe 2, software providers meaning there is a lack of gaming options. Even though offers from the same developer might seem different in graphics, the game engine is basically the same. One can hardly encounter this in an online casino since most of them provide a plentiful number of providers.

Playing for Free

One of the biggest advantages of playing at online casinos is the fact you can play for free. This is the so-called “Demo” mode that enables one to play with virtual money. Of course, all winnings will remain virtual, but one would have gained a notion of the game and whether he likes it or not. There are, however, some limitations to this option. One cannot try the games in the Live Casino section for free, as well as some specific table games and roulette variants.

Live Casino Sections in Leading Online Casinos

What has been separating online from brick and mortar casinos for years, is the feeling one is experiencing while playing. For the past half a decade, however, this has changed drastically. More and more gambling sites provide a Live Casino area, where players can enjoy classic games like blackjack and roulette. They are conducted by professional dealers and provide all the thrill and excitement one can experience as if he is in Las Vegas.

Various Payment Methods

How many deposit options one has when he is in a land casino, except to exchange money at the cashier desk or at the dealer? This is not the case at online casinos where one can choose from numerous deposit and withdrawal methods. Furthermore, funding his casino account, one can also use the money in the sports betting or poker section of the site. 

Another advantage is the fact one can choose a payment method he has already used like a credit card or a PayPal account. That way, one does not have to make new registrations and remember additional passwords.

Fascinating Bonus Offers

Last, but not least, brick and mortar casinos, unlike betting sites, have never provided appealing bonus offers to their new customers. Not only do online casinos offer bonuses for new players, they value their loyal customers and treat them with weekly ongoing promotions, too. The icing of the cake is a no deposit bonus which is offered only by the most reputable online gambling sites. There are no strings attached and players can use it freely on every game they want. 

Final Thoughts

Competition has always led society to evolution. Yes, playing in a land casino still has its positives but online gambling sites have been on the rise and there are no signs of them slowing down. 

No matter where you decide to play, remember to stop once the funs stops.

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