Published On: Thu, Jun 28th, 2018

Women Hit The Wheels As The Long Standing Driving Ban On Females Ended In Saudi Arabia

A number of women hit the wheels as the long standing driving ban on Saudi Arabian females officially ended on June, 24th. The lift on the ban is estimated to bring economical prosperity to Saudi Arabia as the role of women strengthens in Saudi Society.


Although, there was no law in the country’s constitute that prohibited women from driving, there were still no driving license issued to women.

The unofficial ban is considered to be the result of strict religious beliefs and the conservativeness of the country as well as common perspective of male dominancy and male dependency which makes it an obligation for women to get a male relative’s consent regarding every decision in her life.

Almost after three decades of female activists protesting against the male guardianship system of the country and demanding their rights, the Saudi King and Crown Prince has taken initiatives to relax social control on women.

However, the reason for this historical change is rather to boost the national economy than promote gender equality, as conjectured by the sociologists.

The economy of Saudi Arabia has been on a decline recently, ever sincethe oil prices plummeted back in 2014. The situation has improved comparatively but Saudi Arabia still finds itself in grave economical crisis.

Throughout the history, Saudi Arabia has stayed one of the richest kingdom in the world due to oil. Plus, the low population density also played an important role in the availability of jobs and social welfare benefits.

However, with the decrease in oil availability and majority of population being immigrant, Saudi Arabia needs to take revolutionary measures to recover the economy, which means incorporating females into the work force.

The end on the driving ban creates more job opportunities for women in the public sector as it allows them the freedom to move about on their own.

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