Published On: Tue, Jul 3rd, 2018

World Cup 2018: How To Watch England VS. Colombia Live Stream Free Online

England is scheduled to face off Colombia on July 3rd, this Tuesday in the knockout round of FIFA World Cup 2018. While both teams have performed relatively well so far, the chances of England winning are higher than Colombia.


Both teams have gone neck-to-neck on each other at least eight times in the past two decades, officially but England has never lost of Colombia even once.

The score stands at 5 wins for England and 3 draws. On the other hand, even though Colombia has never defeated England in an official match, its average is pretty good.

According to the sports experts and analysts, England and Colombia, both have almost equal odds of winning. But equating a few factors like key players and injuries’ in the equation, the results can be upset.

If we take Colombia’s performance in this World Cup into account, then it is obvious that it has considerable chances at winning with 5 in 13 odds.

On the other hand, the chances of England’s victory are higher at 4 to 5 odds but there are also chances of draw in the game.

So, if the weather becomes unfavorable or other factors get involved, the odds of a draw game are 5 to 11 in ninety minutes.

The key players to look out for in this match are Harry Kane from England, who scored five goals in just two games and Juan Fernando Quintero, in the absence of an injured James Rodriguez, from Colombia, who has been a standout player throughout this whole tournament.

The game is set to air at 7 p.m. ET on ITV but online users can also stream it through internet as well. BBC has also scheduled to replay the highlights in case you miss out in this epic match today.

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