Published On: Sun, Sep 9th, 2018

World Health Organization; every fourth person of the world is at risk for not doing exercise

According to experts, all the efforts planned on global level to motivate people for being active have turned out unsuccessful. In the well developed countries, people are typically more inactive and want to live a comfy life.

World Health Organization; every fourth person of the world is at risk for not doing exercise

According to report of World Health Organization; nearly a one fourth of world population that is approximately 1.4 billion is not taking proper physical exercise.

Due to not undergoing any physical exercise, they are at risk for developing diseases like heart problems, diabetes and different types of cancers.

Experts further stated that although the conditions are far much better than year 2001; but still much improvement is needed to motivate people for exercising. The rich counties with highly paid people are normally more inactive than the rest of the world. In Asia; except the women of two regions, majority of women from all the world countries are extremely lazy.

These reports and news was made after World Health Organization made a survey on 168 countries and their 358 citizens.

How much exercise one must do?

To remain healthy, one must at least take 2.5 hours of moderate exercises or at least 75 minutes of extreme work out each week.

In two days of one week one must do such exercises that pull all the muscles of their body.

If you have to sit for prolonged period of times, then you should do light exercises in between.

According to survey the amount percentage of inactive and lazy people in countries like UK and USA has increased from 32% to 37% since 2001. In under developed countries; this percentage has decreased from 37% to 16%.

In this survey those people have been deemed inactive and lazy who do not perform at least 2.5 hours of moderate exercise or 75 minutes extreme exercise in one week.

There has been a significant increase in people exercising in Germany and New Zealand.


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