Published On: Tue, Sep 4th, 2018

World’s First floating dairy Farm a step to the future

World’s First floating dairy Farm

Many of us have heard about the offshore drilling platform or off shore wind platforms. Now comes the World’s first off shore dairy farm formed by a Dutch company. The plans are for opening of a high tech multilevel facility that will be opened at Rotterdam; a city located 50 miles to the southwest of Amsterdam this fall.

This floating dairy farm will be working to produce yogurt and milk at the Rotterdam centre. The pan requires the use of unused space that will not only lessen the expenses and pollution maintenance costs.

Minke Van Wingerden; leader of this project released a statement saying that,

“Seventy percent of the earth is water and the world population along with production land is limited. This is why we must look for new ways to produce fresh foods to provide people all the while reducing transportation costs.”

She further added to the statement,

“It is only a logical step to produce fresh food on water.  Majority of world’s largest cities are built on deltas and these deltas can be used for food production sites.”

She told reporters that this floating dairy idea can be adopted by many other cities as well to produce their on supply of fruits, vegetable and dairy products off shore.

World's first floating dairy farm could be wave of the future

40 Mesuse Rhine Issel cows, which are renowned for their prolonged life and great health, will be kept on garden like enclosures where they will be milked by robots. The cows will be placed at second level while their food source will be grown on first level.

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The farm is going to be anchored at the harbor and will be able to remain stable in even bad weather conditions. Lastly for cows’ health she stated, that vets have assured that sea sickness will not affect cows in any way”.

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