Published On: Sat, Jul 21st, 2018

World’s Loneliest Man; the video is finally here

A man who is the sole survivor of his tribe is living in jungles of Brazil for past 22 years. The video of this lonely man is finally here. He lives in the jungles completely alone.

World's Loneliest Man; the video is finally here

In 1992, farmers in jungles of Brazil killed 6 members of his tribe and after that day he is all alone in this world.

He has not made contact with any modern man. No one knows the name of his tribe and neither they are aware of his tribe’s language.

This man whom the media calls, The Loneliest Man of the World himself does not want to contact any modern man. If anyone intrudes in is territory, he shoots arrows at them.

He is close to 50 years of age and the video was made by the Brazilian government bureau of FUNAI. This bureau works for the rights of local tribes.

This lonely man can be seen in the video cutting down the tree with the help of an axe. The video was made in the Brazil’s north western state of Rondonia which is located in the jungles of Amazon.

Funai has commented on this video by saying that the purpose of this video is to show that this man is still alive and no on e should invade in his territory.

According to Brazilian law, local tribal people have owning rights of their territory. However the surrounding area of this man’s territory is of powerful farmer community who want to invade his territory. In the past these farmers have claimed that no tribal man lives in this area.

In the past, few huts and arrows of this man were found and even a blurred picture of this man was also captured. However this is the first time a whole video has been made public.

According to Human rights workers, they are happy to see that he has excellent health.

Majority of this man’s tribe was annihilated in the ear of 80’s and 70’s, when the road was made through their tribal territory. In addition to this many illegal logging companies’ workers and farmers have also killed the tribal people so they cannot interfere in their activities.

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