Published On: Mon, Jul 30th, 2018

Wrestler Josip Peruzovic, who played beloved villain Nickolai Volkoff died on Sunday

Wrestler Josip Peruzovic was 70 years old when he died on this Sunday. He is famous for playing audience favorite villain Nickolai Volkoff. Lynn Peruzovic (Wife of Josip Peruzovic) has confirmed his death. She informed that he died on Sunday suddenly. Josip Peruzovic had heart problems. She went to him to check him for medicines and she found him dead there.

Wrestler Josip Peruzovic, who played beloved villain Nickolai Volkoff died on Sunday

Josip was a professional American Wrestler and he was famous for wrestling in WWW( World Wrestling Federation). His on-screen character was always loved for his villainous actions. He was known for his association to American Wrestling Association.

World Wrestling Entertainment shared their emotions on his death by saying that Josip was “one of the greatest villain’s sports-entertainment had ever seen.” In world Wrestling Entertainment Josip was known for his wrestling entertainment. He also sung before matches “the onetime Soviet Union National Anthem”. His “tag team Alliance” with The Iron Sheik” made glorious repute in WWE.

His career in wrestling was for 40 years and his tremendous shows in wrestling with Hulk Hogan are worth mentioning. Parallel to all this fame he is also famous for his unsuccessful house seat in “Maryland general Assembly” in year 2006.

On this Sunday World Wrestling Entertainment has lost two of its well-known wrestling stars Josip Peruzovic and Brian Christopher Lawler. Both stars died natural death because of different reasons. Brain was just 46 years old.


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