Published On: Wed, Aug 16th, 2017

WWE Monday Night Raw: Updates, Winners, Grades, Reaction And Many More From 14 August

Before the SummerSlam, on 14 August there was a great moment came when old shield brothers re-united after a long time, the whole show was extreme on fire as in wait of big event which is just six days away and The Four-Way Altercation has hinted about the SummerSlam fire.



At the Raw event on 2014 August, there was different matched which were showing about the increase in tensions regarding SummerSlam which is only six days away.

After a long time Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins re-united on the event and before main event Brock Lesnar confronts his opponents on ring which showed his anger.

WWE Raw is known a professional wrestling television program which airs live on every Monday at 8pm on US network in United States of America, it was created by former wrestler Vince McMahon, show debuted on January 11, 1993.

Now it is considered as most favorite shows in the region and on this program different tasks given to wrestlers to perform in the ring.

The former shield brothers Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose both questioned to each other that what the hell they are doing by fighting with each other, they settled their issues on the show and at last they united again after a long time as brothers.

There was a No. 1 Contender match for the WWE women championship between Sasha Banks and Nia Jax, the match was held by champion Alexa Bliss, after a destructive match, at the end Sasha has succeeded to defeat the Nia Jax.

For the title of Cruiserweight Championship, there was a match between Akira Tozawa vs. Neville, both the wrestlers gave an entertaining match to their fans but at end Akira won the championship; at the end of show Brock Lesnar appeared on the show to confront his SummerSlam opponents.

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