Published On: Wed, Feb 14th, 2018

WWE Smackdown 13 Feb 2018: Results, News, Reactions And Updates

Journey to Fastline 2018 is on its way, backstage attack on Baron but match before start vanished as attacked of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens while there is much more for the entertainment of audiece at SmackDown event on 13 February.


Before the start of fight between Baron and Dolph Ziggler, Owens and Zayn attacked on Corbin at the backstage while he was brutally beaten by both friends.

Match stopped before the beginning, fans got a really entertaining night on SmackDown event on 13 February and on the entrance ramp Corbin again faced the disputed fight with opponents and Dolph Ziggler also beaten by Zayn and Kevin.

There were many fights were arranged while one of the best was between Charlotte Flair vs. Sarah Logan while Becky Lynch and Naomi came on show to help the Flair against the Sarah.

While they both tried very well to distract the attraction of Logan and at the end Flair won the match via pinfall against her opponent.

After received injury because of attack of Sami and Kevin at back stage, he came on the ring to face Owens to win his name, this fight Baron Corbin vs.

Kevin Owens was awesome because even after brutally beaten he again got the victory over Kevin and this is very ashamed defeat of Owens as analysts says.

Bobby Roode again appeared to announce for the United States Championship Open Challenge at SmackDown, during his speech he spoke about the Randy Orton who attacked on him in previous show.

Ziggler had Zayn on run during the start of the show, to take revenge from Zayn Dolph beaten him in the ring and with super kick, Ziggler recorded his victory the match over his opponent.

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