Published On: Thu, Apr 5th, 2018

Youtube Shooter Stormed Having Great Anger At Company, Father Reveals

The Mountain View police discovered a woman sleeping in her car, belongs to the San Diego, jus a night before Nasim Aghdam sprayed bullets in a courtyard at headquarters of YouTube on Tuesday afternoon.


It is said to be that young female shooter had left family moving Southern California, Ismail Aghdam, the father of Nasim, told investigators that might be on way to attack YouTube having a huge rage on the company just because of her channel related complainants.

Aghdam added saying that his family was called at 2 a.m. Tuesday to inform them that she had been discovered dead and now everything is under control.

She had lost control and after shooting three people, killed herself, may be because of having fear that what she had carried out at YouTube’s headquarters at afternoon.

The Bay Area News Group took an interview of Ismail Aghdam at Tuesday night from his Riverside County home, quoted that his the 38-year-old daughter had talked all family members a couple of weeks ago.

YouTube stopped paying money against her videos, had been censoring her content, ‘she was angry.’ She lost her senses and made really big mistake by losing her own life as well as other three.

No one made public until now that what kind of information Mountain View police has had as well as complete history of her belonging to her Youtube channel.

However, a spokesperson for police told by confirming that investigators had discovered a dead body of a woman of the same name sleeping in a automobile at the early hours Tuesday morning in a parking lot.

The police officials investigated a vehicle in which Nasim was in dead condition, also received data using number plate of the automobile, learnt she is a missing person out of Southern California, told Katie Nelson, spokeswoman for Mountain View Police.

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