Published On: Thu, Nov 16th, 2017

Zimbabwe Army Seize The Power But Not Against Mugabe’s Military Takes Control Of Harare

Zimbabwe army has taken the control over the capital city Harare but according to military the president Mugabe is safe now a she is in power since 1980 and in the city everything is under control of the army.


The economic as well as social crisis are there in the country as now the army has entered into the capital city of Zimbabwe, military is capturing everything in Harare.

Which are cause of the crisis as told by the spokesperson of army and vice president Mugabe is now moving towards the country from South Africa last week.

The reports say that the vice president Mr. Mugabe has sacked in favor his wife Grace to the Emmerson Mnangagwa while the situation in the country is going to worse as Army is interfering in the current situation.

While still now the president did not issue any statement officially and on Wednesday some areas faced the exchange the gunfire.

According to the UK Foreign Office advised Britons that the situation in Harare is critical as army is moving on the roads whole they taking control on everything.

It is good for everyone to remain at home, United States embassy issued the statement that situation is not clear in the capital and they recommended for the public that stay at home for their own safety.

Different embassies have closed the station for the public, they have minimized the staff in order to seeing the critical situation in the country like US Embassy in capital Harare and it is told by the military that Mugabe is safe.

The biggest trading partner of Zimbabwe said that they are hoping for best as parties of the country will manage their internal affairs in order to take the situation in peaceful condition.

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