Published On: Sat, Oct 6th, 2018

10 Ideas for a Cozy Autumn Date

Autumn is no less romantic than the rest of the year. Of course, in summer, there are many more opportunities to surprise your loved one, but in the autumn months, you can have a great time together, as well. And even the rain and cold won’t be an obstacle. After all, the main thing is the warmth of your feelings. Here are some cute autumn date ideas for you.

Turn your home into a restaurant
Cooking something together, you become closer to each other. After all, this is a big and important thing, at least if you approach it with all responsibility. And it can be incredibly exciting if you show some imagination. Have a day for every delicious cuisine. For example, let today be an Italian day, with pizza, pasta, and tiramisu. Tomorrow, try Mexican dishes. The process of buying products and creating menus can be interesting and fun, and if you turn on national music while cooking, then the usual dinner will turn into your private party. Well, and, of course, the best part is tasting your culinary masterpieces together.

Stars in the sky
Everyone knows that looking at the stars is super romantic. We’ve all seen this in the movies. But for some reason, few people dare to bring this idea to life. You miss a lot. Stock up on hot tea and classic autumn date outfits, like coats and blankets, download an application that helps find the constellations in the night sky – and you’re all set.

Guitar lessons
To learn how to play a song or two, you don’t need to have a degree in arts or something. If you know a couple of chords, and your girlfriend is ready to learn, offer to give her a lesson. Well, if you both don’t know how to play, one of your relatives probably has an old guitar in the attic. Look for tutorials on YouTube and learn to sing serenades to each other. In the movies, guys romantically embrace their girlfriends when teaching them where to put their fingers to play a chord. Do the same.

A local concert
A date at a concert of some major band is a bit banal. But there’s probably a bunch of local bands in your city. Why not go to such a concert and, perhaps, hear the future Beatles? The main rule is to read nothing about the band and not listen to their songs before you see them. This way you’ll have much more to discuss, and the impressions will be brighter.

Cocktail evening
It’s time for some cozy autumn date night ideas. Create a truly warm atmosphere: prepare a couple of warming drinks. Hot coffee cocktails, cocoa with various toppings, hot chocolate, and fruit mulled wine will brighten up any cold autumn evening.

Tour around a museum
So, when was the last time you were in a museum or at an exhibition? It’s time to catch up. Take your girlfriend to the local museum – you’ll definitely learn something new. A big plus of small museums is a low entry price.

Do something good
For instance, animal shelters, where you can feed doggies and kittens, will be happy to have new volunteers. Besides, to help your granny clean up the house is also a good thing! And such deeds are good for the soul.

Requiem for summer
If you miss that summer heat, then grab swimsuits, shorts, sunglasses and go to the water park. To create the right atmosphere, don’t forget to cover each other with sunscreen and sip cool drinks with little umbrellas in it.

Time to read
Autumn is perfect for spending an evening in an armchair with a good book. And what is your girlfriend’s favorite one? Read the most romantic lines from her books. Reading out loud is very romantic!

TV show marathon
This is perhaps one the most classic autumn date ideas – to spend the whole day watching several seasons of your favorite TV series. But not all girls love The Walking Dead, so choose something that you both like or let it be something you’ve never seen before.

These ideas will make your girlfriend fall in love with you if it hasn’t happened yet. But in case you don’t have anyone to try out the ideas, you can hook up with one of our brides for marriages.

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