Published On: Sat, Dec 1st, 2018

4 Surefire Strategies To Get More Instagram Followers

People On Instagram prefer to follow these accounts that are generating more creative, unique, valuable, engaging and interesting content. Having bigger following count is the key for building a stronger online presence. You might be considered as a reliable source of information or latest updated, gain a lot of influence when your account hit the six-figure followers count.


Like Facebook, Instagram makes it hard for their users and businesses to get their posts seen by most of their followers. But there are a lot of ways that help you to get and buy Instagram followers in a large number and boost the engagement of your pots. In this article, you can discover some of the best and sure-fire strategies to get bigger following count and more engagement growth in no time.

Strategies to get Instagram Followers

Only one thing has the power to make you alive in the world of marketing and it is large following count. With this keep in mind, if you don’t engage your audience with your posts then you can’t leverage this huge amount of following as you want. Make your growth strategy by getting more followers. The following tips will help you to do the same.

Mix up your different posts:
People always welcome new and unique things, especially on Instagram. Try to bring a change in your posts regularly and give your followers a reason to keep following you and engage with your posts. Create a good mix of photos of different topics and post it on your profile. You can engage your audience with BTS photos, travel images etc. Also post a short video, Interesting stories, funny GIFs and engaging live videos as well.

Use your analytics:
Your strategy depends on the results of your analytics. Track your analytics every day and make your strategy according to its results. Find which post get more engagement and more likes. Also, check out the online timing of your followers and post your content at that time. No other tool can be better than Instagram analytics when it comes to making your growth strategy. So, use these statistics and get more followers.

Always engage:
One of the best ways to engage your audience with the aim to get more followers is your content. Use this tip to improve your visibility and gain more followers. Always try to post interesting, creative, unique content on your account. Don’t forget to reply to the comments and repost your best posts. This strategy works well not only on Instagram but on other social media networks too.

Follow relevant users:
Follow other people that are relevant to your industry. Find the big accounts in your niche and go through the followers of that accounts and begin to follow some people. Also, like their post and leave some interesting comments. You can also share your posts with them too. That way, you can get Instagram followers and some likes as well. You can also use hashtag #follow4follow while following other people.

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