Published On: Thu, Sep 20th, 2018

A Russian military plane got shot down by Syria accidently

Reported by Moscow; Syria accidently shot down a Russian military during the attacks from Israeli military on Syrian posts. The accident resulted into death of 15 individuals.

A Russian military plane got shot down by Syria accidently

Russian Military released a statement that, “on Tuesday a Russian Military plane was shot down by Syrian Anti –Aircraft artillery during the attacks it suffered from Israeli military earlier on Monday.

Russian State News Agency RIA-Novosti reported that Russia is to be baled for putting their plane in the line of fire.

RIA-Novosti further stated tat, “due to the irresponsible actions done by Israeli military, 15 Russian individuals lost their lives. This is relay not in the best spirit for the Russian-Israeli partnership”. The statement was released by Russian Major General Igor Konashenkov who is the spokesperson for the Russian Military.

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According to US official who has knowledge of this accident said that Syrians were trying to hit a barrage of missiles sent down by Israeli army when the Russian plane got in the line of fire. Another US official sated that Israel is responsible for this missile strikes on Syria.

This incident has led to bit of conundrum for Russian diplomatic institute as Russian currently holds strong relationship with both Syria and Israel.

CNN was told by pone of the spokesperson of the Israeli Defense Minister Avigdo Liberman that there had been on going conversation between Liberman and the Russian Defense minister; Army General Sergoie Shoigu on this matter.

According to the latest news from this conversation, Shoigu said that the actions of the Israeli air force is to be blamed for the fault of this downed plane and the fate of its 15 boarders.

Shoigu further stated that, “Russia holds the right for any further reciprocal steps”.


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