Published On: Wed, Aug 23rd, 2017

Afghanistan Suicide Bomb Attack: Five Dead While Dozens Injured In Suicide Attack In Helmand

At least five have killed while dozens are injured due to a suicide bomb attack in Helmand province in Afghanistan on Wednesday, according to reports, the target was the police headquarter and attackers used a detonated car for attack.


According to reports, a large number of policemen gathered in capital city Lashkar Gah to receive their pay, but terrorists detonated a car with a high explosive bomb.

Initial reports says that five persons have killed while 42 are injured now in which some are in serious conditions and police has covered the whole area for investigation.

Lashkargah is known as one of the most famous cities in Afghanistan, it is the capital city of province Helmand which is situated in the south of country.

This city is also known as Bost because it has an airport with the name of ‘Bost Airport’ and on Wednesday, the attackers hit the city with a suicide bomb in the capital town.

After the incident, the security forces took the control of the area, all the citizens are advised by the police officers, to remain away from the police headquarter as the investigations has started and the injured people have transferred to nearby hospitals for treatment.

A spokesperson of the governor of Helmand province, Omar Zhwak told to media that Taliban group made the attack with the help of fully loaded car with explosives.

The suicide attack took place near the main headquarter of police in Lashkar Gah, small children are also injured who were studying in a mosque near the incident place.

He further said that women as well as children also included in the dead people, total five have dead but not confirmed about more deaths in hospitals and around 42 are injured.

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