Published On: Mon, Apr 23rd, 2018

Ali Zafar’s Bandmates Make Wrong Meesha’s Claims of Harassment During Jam Session

Two female band members from Ali Zafar music group have made wrong their industry colleague Meesha Shafi who has claimed to be harassed by the Pakistani young-talented pop star, actor, witnessed of happening nothing wrong with as they were also there that time.   


The 37-year-old and the hitmaker of Alif Allah Chambey di Booty both has become top headline just because of Shafi’s accusation on Bollywood-Lollywood star of sexually harassing on a number of times.

The mother of two first claimed the Teefa In Trouble star harassed her but she didn’t react, though he once again tried to harass her at another location at end of previous year during jam session when they were preparing for a track, in both cases, in both cases Shafi and Ali were not only.

However, after considering intensity from Shafi side, two women decide to come at front to resolve the issue as these were at present that time for which Shafi claimed to be harassed during jamming.

Aqsa Ali from members of Ali’s band, a musician, opened her lips to show the world reality about the matters, Meesha explained her sense of right and wrong doesn’t let her permission to speak calm – so does her.

Aqsa, who was vocalist at this particular jam session, has revealed in her social post that they had a great jam session along with all members and even organizer were also present there.

Added saying that if something goes bad there, in case she would be first one to announce bad, but there was nothing like this, Shafi is totally wrong.

She also said that Zafar is truly genuine person who always supported its juniors, so living with any guilt is tough but charging any with bad act is not so difficult. She got totally strange Shafi’s rude behavior of disrespecting Zafar.

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