Published On: Sat, Jul 7th, 2018

Amazon is Planning to Replace Toy R Us this Holiday

Amazon, the e-commerce giant is thinking of replacing Toy R Us this holiday season by launching a new catalogue, listing more than a hundred different types of toys for kids to leaf through.


The decision from the successful online retailer came after the company Toy R Us went bankrupt last September.

According to the latest reports, Amazon is planning to launch a toy catalog and sending it via mail to all of its subscribers, with special offers for the subscribers of Amazon Prime.

Since Amazon has the email and address of its subscribers, achieving this feat will be a breather. Amazon plans to increase its toy collection in hopes of filling the void left by Toy R Us, which previously, was the largest toy retailer in the United States.

Now, that the hundreds of Toy R Us stores are officially closed all over the country, people will have to look for some other ways for their Christmas shopping.

Toy R Us was especially known for its “Big Book” a giant toy catalogue that described everything kids and parents need to know about the latest toys.

The “Big Book” also serves as an inspiration for kids to make their wish-list before Christmas. It was released in fall every September and was considered a Toy R Us tradition.

However, due to the success and popularity of online retailers and shopping sites, stores with physical locations are slowly going out of business.

The prime reason is the convenience and ease they provide to shoppers while shopping, not to mention that searching for their favorite item merely takes a click. Toy R Us was especially in a mountain of debt before declaring bankruptcy.

Although, Amazon has not yet released an official statement regarding the news, majority of business and finance experts are suspecting it to be true.

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