Published On: Wed, Sep 19th, 2018

An important character on this season of ‘Modern Family’ is going to die; question is Who?

Bad news for all the fans of “Modern Family”, one of your favorite characters on this series is going to die in season 10.

ABC's "Modern Family" - Season Six

Co Creator of the season Christopher Lloyd, just weeks before the premier of this year’s season 10 told Entertainment Weekly that, “a significant character on the series will die”.

He further explained the situation, “We are handling with bigger life vents during this season. We do deal with a death that families do deal with in real life. On television it is a different story, it is not easy to deal with, it is a heavy subject. However it would seem unusual for a family to not deal with it.”

Although Lloyd has not given any hint on the identity of this soon to be dead character he still hinted that the death will have moving effect and reperfusions over the several episodes”.

Lloyd is hoping that sires could be renewed for another year but season 10 could be a fitting end for this great series.

He told the media that, “from our point of view we are pretty excited writing this season and changing the lives of characters.  The characters of the show are very different they were either 5 years ago or 10 years ago when we started this series.”

He further added, “So from our standpoint if we could do another season we may as well. If we end up not getting a perfect season for our efforts that we will have a great final season for sure.”

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