Published On: Wed, Sep 12th, 2018

Animal Trade on Facebook in Thailand exposed

The Wildfire trafficking Watchdog has found on Facebook more than 1500 listing of live animals for sale.

These listings were found on one Facebook page back in one month of 2016.

Facebook released a statement that they do not issue trade of endangered species.

Among the 200 different species that were on for international trades two were non native to Thailand that were banned for commercial trade internationally. One of them was a Eurasian Otter and other was a Black Spotted Turtle.

Animal Trade on Facebook in Thailand exposed

Many of the species that were banned on International Commercial Trade were native to Thailand. These species mainly included Helmeted Hornbill, Siamese Crocodile and even an Asiatic Black Bear.

Only one of the Helmeted Hornbill has been discovered for sale. But the analyst of Traffic said that even taking one of these hornbills from wild can have serious consequences on its survival.

The news of this is going to be published next week in a report of Facebook’s use for trading animals in Thailand.

The anti trafficking body made analyzed the membership for these two main groups in 2016. After two years when they analyzed the memberships again, they were shocked to see that despite the pages being ceased to exist, the memberships had doubled in 2018.

Animal Trade on Facebook in Thailand exposed

The ads on the pages not only included selling of live or dead animals but also some specific body parts as well.

There were more than 105 species for sale still after being under protection from Thai Law.

A spokeswoman from Facebook said, “Facebook is not involved no doe it allow the sale and purchase of endangered species or their parts. We are going to remove this material as soon as we are aware of it. We are going to support and work in hand to hand wit Traffic and Law enforcement to tackle these illegal online trades of Wildlife”.

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