Published On: Tue, May 1st, 2018

Ashley Judd Take Legal Actions Against Harvey Weinstein, Claiming Wrecked Her Career

Ashley Judd has filed a suit against Harvey Weinstein on Monday by claiming the former film mogul harmed her acting career as revenge for her refusing his sexual advances.


The 50-year-old an American actress registered a case in Los Angeles County Superior Court by accusing of insult, sexual harassment and violating unjust competition law of California.

She was in the first group of females that moved ahead last fall regarding sexual misconduct of Weinstein, driving her at the head of the #MeToo movement.

Director Peter Jackson who is central to the case said in December that Weinstein had warned him 20 years ago that she was a dreadful to work with, demanded to stay away to come close at all costs.

Lord of the Rings has been paying attention on Judd for crucial performance in his Lord of the Rings movies, and met her because of her appearances in this franchise.

The lawsuit claims, the company of an American film producer Miramax at the stage that time owned the rights to Lord of the Rings. Before a year ago at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Weinstein was reported to be on a business breakfast gathering, was seen in a bathrobe, requested Judd to allow him to massage her body and to watch him by taking shower. However, accusations are making noise those Judd claimed in The New York Times in October.

According to suit, the filmmaker of My Week with Marilyn is reported to be is a real cause to finish her promising career, though the Divergent star remained busy in a ridicule negotiate with Weinstein, asked him if she won an Academy Award in one of his movies, in case he can touch her body otherwise no.

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