Published On: Wed, Feb 7th, 2018

At Least Four People Dead, 6.4 Magnitude Quake Hits Taiwan And Scores Missing

At least four people dead as high 6.4 magnitude hit the tourist town of Hua-lien in Taiwan while more than 255 people are injured, scores are missing, buildings have collapsed and rescue teams are searching the missing people through the rubble.


6.4 magnitude earthquake hit the Taiwanese famous tourist town near the coastal city on Tuesday before midnight which has killed 4 people.

While more than 145 people are missing, at least 225 people are injured who are transferred to nearby hospitals and the rescue teams are in search of missing people through the rubble of collided buildings.

The earthquake came on Tuesday before midnight about 21 kilometers north of the city of Hualien in the centre of the East China Sea.

While the reports showed that the shake of the quake was felt about 120 kilometers north of Hualien in Taipei and Taiwan’s news agency has confirmed about the four deaths due to collapse of buildings in town.

According to Jeff Lin with the Hualien Police Department that many buildings have collapsed due to horrible strike of earthquake on Tuesday.

While he further told that in downtown of Hualien, The Marshal Hotel is one of the those buildings that is collapsed and hundreds of people are missed under the rubble.

It is reported by officials on Wednesday that one employee of Marshal Hotel is recovered from basement while three others are still missing and according to reports more than 400 people are rescuing the missing people from collapsed buildings.

A Hualien police official told that about 50 Japanese are included in injured people, many city buildings also shook by Earthquake while a bridge is badly damaged as police reported and the four deaths are confirmed by Hualien police officials.

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