Published On: Tue, Apr 10th, 2018

Australian Media Reveals China Advances To Set Up Army Base In South Pacific

On Tuesday, Australian Fairfax Media has revealed that China is discussions to establish a permanent military base on the small Pacific Island, while for this purpose approached Vanuatu. However, this advance from the Chinese authorities may raise regional tensions.


A source told media at a condition his name not be asked, there is no official proposal had yet been carried out but everything is in latest discussions among Chinese senior leaders to place a full military base on Vanuatu.

It is also reported to be the talks about to locate a Chinese military outpost nearby Australia have been taking place among at the highest levels in Washington and Canberra.

On Tuesday, Julie Bishop, Australian Foreign Minister told Australian Broadcasting Corporation radio by making certain that no formal proposal from Beijing has come out so far, though Bishop halted her addressing after short talks.

Added saying they have not been received any proposal regarding locating army check post.  Vanuatu’s government, but Chinese authorities are appearing busy in infrastructure investment activities all over the world.

She further said that Australia is a strategic partner of choice of Vanuatu, however, Charlot Salwai who is spokesperson for Vanuatu Prime Minister has not made sudden reaction to telephone calls to the Vanuatu High Commission in Canberra, emails urging comment, and the Chinese Embassy in Canberra didn’t make public anything.

Australian media has also reported initial discussions belonging to an advance access deal whereby Chinese naval ships would dock to be restocked and examined, and it will be leading ultimately lead to a complete army station.

However, revealed advance from the Chinese authorities is offering a development of military goals of China further away its controversial activities in Asia, while it may raise some tensions.

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