Published On: Thu, Jul 26th, 2018

Blast near U.S Embassy in China: second attempt of self-immolation

We all are aware of the thing that China and U.S are on trade disputes nowadays. In this situation two vexatious incidents happened near U.S embassy in China. In last days a woman attempted self-immolation by spraying petrol on herself in front of U.S embassy in China.

Blast near U.S Embassy in China: second attempt of self-immolation

This thing is quite frustrating. Today a blast has been heard near U.S Embassy in China. People are relating today’s incident with recent attempt of self-immolation. Investigation about this matter is going on. Chinese always preferred to visit America for their education, trade as well as most loved place for visit. But after these attempts it seems that this thing will create frustration between two countries.

But today people heard explosion and witnesses felt tremors due to smoke near U.S embassy. Witnesses confirmed that they have seen police vehicles near U.S embassy.

Other countries embassies located near U.S Embassy in China stated that they are unaware about these incidents and their work routine is normal as before. Moreover U.S embassy also did not comment properly about this uncertain situation.

Well! Police is still not commenting about this incident and police did not confirm that these two incidents are related or not. It has been stated by the police that a man fulminated an explosive device outside the U.S embassy located in Beijing. Because of this attempt, hand of that man got injured.

He has been taken to the hospital by police. After medical aid he has been arrested by police. Police has named this man, Jiang Moumou. This man belongs to province of inner Mongolia.

Initial investigations states that only responsible person for this incident is this man. Further investigations will reveal full details of this incident.

In past, U.S embassies targeted by terrorism attacks. In past, Al-Qaeda targeted U.S Embassies and one of the terrorist attack lead to loss of many human lives. Investigations about this incident will reveal that whether it is also one of that terrorist attack or not.  This explosive attack did not cause any human life loss and not even injuries yet.


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