Published On: Wed, Feb 14th, 2018

Bomber Sentenced In Prison For Planting Bombs, One Attack Injured More Than 30 People In New York

Bomber sent to multiple of terms of life in Prison on Tuesday while he used the pressure cooker device for blasting bombs in New York and New Jersey in 2016 while one attack injured about more than 30 people in Manhattan.


He is recognized as the United States citizen while he was born in Afghanistan named Ahmad Khan Rahami who blasted a bomb in September in 2016.In Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood.

Due to this attack more than people were injured and now he is sentenced to jail for multiple terms of life on Tuesday in New York.

According to officials that he exploded the bomb on a Marine Corps road race in Seaside Heights just hours after the pipe bomb blast while due to this attack no one injured.

After the two days manhunt in Linden, New Jersey with police he has caught and he received multiple shots but survived in the exchange shootings.

Federal prosecutors reported after his sentence hearings in court that he did not show any regret of his wrong doings and he radicalized the passengers in prison .

Where he is in prison since Ahmad caught by police at the federal jail in New York and he feel proud on his deeds as said in papers court by officials.

Rahami prosecutors said that due to terrorist materials like speeches of the founder of al-Qaida, Osama bin Laden and jihadist things are the cause of attacks in United States as he gave the intimated copies to court.

While according to reports Ahmad showed The Book of Jihad, bomb-making instructions as well as various issues of a propaganda magazine from his laptop to some inmates which inspired him to become a Jihadist.

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