Published On: Wed, Mar 14th, 2018

Bombing On Rami Hamdallah’s Convoy During Rare Gaza Visit

An unexpected bomb blast occurred on the prime minister of Palestine Rami Hamdallah’s convoy in a uncommon visit to the Gaza Strip on 13 March, while he remained safe but the act fueled the rage over officials considered it assassination attempt.  


On the other hand, the latest bombing on Hamdallah’s convoy may possibly also raise tensions between Hamas who refused to be part of the attack, and President Mahmud Abbas’s Fatah, with a reuniting contract between the two all but dead.

It is also reported to be that Majid Faraj, who is Chief of Palestine’s intelligence, was also part of the convoy, fortunately remained safe too in attack that took place minutes after they stepped in region.

Although, the bombing on caravan left about six people injured, while no one of wounded suffered from    life-threatening.

As the sudden bombing targeted the crowd, unknown gunmen also shoot fire on convoy, although the Hamas security forces blocked the region later on, told one of the security sources.

Rather than Hamdallah moved back suddenly, attended the opening of a wastewater treatment facility in Gaza but for a short time after attack and returned to the Israeli-occupied West Bank, where his government is based.

After reaching at office, Hamdallah said that the bombing on his convoy is considered to be a very well-planned effort, a roadside bombard nearly two meters into the ground.

Nevertheless, no one has taken the responsibility of the attack, while Mahmud Abbas declared it cowardly targeting on Hamdallah’s caravan, even that left Hamas responsible.

Radical Islamists are totally against the Hamas who is considered to be responsible behind the unrest in Gaza Strip as some other bad acts. While the interior ministry of Hamas has stated that they have taken into their custody three suspects of the bombing on Palestine’s PM convoy and started probe.

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