Published On: Sat, Jul 7th, 2018

Britain Blames Russia For The Second Novichok Poison Case In Amesbury

A couple in Amesbury got hospitalised last Thursday after they were exposed to poison, which is suspected to be Novichok, a nerve agent originated from Russia. The Britain government blamed Russia and demanded explanations.


The British couple were spending a normal day just like any other in Amesbury, where they have lived for most of their lives, until Dawn Sturgess started frothing at the mouth and lost consciousness.

Charles Rowley, her partner called the ambulance immediately but only after a few hours, she showed the same symptoms and were promptly hospitalised as well.

Upon examinations, it was suspected that the couple had somehow, came in contact with Novichok, a lethal agent that causes non-stop activity of the nerves, resulting in palpitations, muscle twitches, foaming at mouth, hallucinations and eventually death.

Both Sturgess and Rowley, are under treatment at the Salisbury District Hospital, where they have yet to reach a stable state.

The British government blamed Russia for the incident, primarily because Novichok originated from Russia during 1970s and the country continued its production even after the Cold War ended.

Another reason to suspect Russia is that a few months ago, former Russian spy, Sergei Skripalalong with his daughter, Yulin were also poisoned by the same nerve agent but they regained consciousness and are on their road to recovery.

The former Russian spy admitted to helping British spies and gave the names of Russian intelligence officers, almost a decade ago. The poisoning could be a revenge act on part of Russia.

However, Vladimir Putin and his administration denied having anything to do with the poisoning cases.

Britain, on the other hand, continued to demand for explanations and even exiled 23 Russian diplomats from the country.

UK allies supported Britain’s decision and banished a number of Russian diplomats from theircountries as well.

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