Published On: Mon, Mar 18th, 2019

California Gun Laws 2019 – What Else Could be Done to Reduce Gun Violence in America

California already has some of the strictest gun laws. The previous mass shootings in the state has resulted in even more limitations and regulations on the Californian firearm owners. Some of the important amendments in the law are briefly stated below. The subsequent section of this post will highlight the ways America can reduce gun violence in the country without putting strict ban on handguns and ammunition.

Significant Amendments to California Gun Laws


This clause will put restriction on bump stocks which basically are gunstocks that enables a semi-automatic rifle to shoot at the speed of the fully-automatic gun. Notably, this tool was used by the criminal back in 2017 while carrying out the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas. 


According to this law, when a mentally disabled individual has their weapons taken over, the court can also instruct to constrain that person from owning ammunition.


This clause will put a lifelong restriction on gun ownership for people who have been kept in the psychiatric hospital for more than once and been found threatening to others.


Recent law puts a 10-years ban on those who have been involved in any sort of domestic violence.

Although all of these clauses are great for the general public, it’s important to understand that there are hundreds of law-abiding gun owners in the vicinity that keeps firearms and ammunition just for the sake of protection and liberty. According to, it’s absolutely understandable for someone to own a firearm for the sake of his protection.

Below you will find six effective ways that can definitely help in reducing the gun violence issue in the US.

Educate Potential Gun Buyers

Being an authority, it’s your responsibility to raise awareness about safe and secure weapon purchase. This is one of the most neglected yet important aspect that requires state’s attention. Definitely, there are hundreds of great-looking handguns, rifles and machine guns available in the market. But, you should educate potential buyers about how they can inspect the locking mechanism and safety features before making a final purchase. Also guide them about how they can compare different weapons to see which one suits their requirements and is safer to keep at home. For instance if they do a Glock 43 vs 42 analysis, they’ll come to know that the latter is a great option with the pedigree and Glock reliability. It’s also important that you motivate the citizens about reviewing their local laws before selecting a gun for them.

Enforce Laws that Actually Lower Gun Violence

Remember, not all firearms laws are created equal. According to, the military-grade rifles only account for 5% of assassinations. One of the researches conducted at National Bureau of Economic Research suggests that 10 years after implementing the gun ownership laws, there was a massive 13%-15% rise incrime rate.

Educate People About Gun Safety

Doctors and health practitioners can play an important role in enlightening families about the safe gun usage. Research suggests that over 75% of school going children are capable of shooting a gun. The AAP thus recommends that the child specialists should contribute positively in educating children about the world and all the objects that can harm them in one way or the other.

Introduce Smart Gun Technology

One of the researches conducted back in 2016 by John Hopkins University suggests that smart guns are actually the safer guns. Such weapons may not put an end to mass shootings with legally bought weapon. However, they can still prohibit suicides or other violation with firearms possessed by someone else. Moreover they can also reduce accidental shooting incidents.

Exclude Funding Limitations on Research

According to one of the researches published back in 2017 gun violence received just $22 million federal research funds instead of projected $1.4 billion in 2014-15. Such limitations on research money have had destructive consequences as plenty of researches left undone due to the lack of resources. Thus, government should invest in more research centers to back the studies that can eventually help in reducing gun violence.

The recent amendments in California gun laws is indeed a great initiative as it impose restrictions on those who’re actually trouble for the community. However, besides adding new clauses to the already compiled legislation, it’s also important that authorities pay attention to the overall system reforms and educate people about the safe and secure use of firearms. After all, you cannot omit weapons altogether from the system.

Guns are life-changing. It’s one of the ways commoners make themselves feel secure and protected. It gives them sense of freedom and confidence at the same time bringing accountability and sense of responsibility. Thus, it’s just not about guns actually, it’s about how well you train your people to use them.

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