Published On: Tue, Dec 12th, 2017

California Wildfires: At Least 1,000 Structures Have Destroyed As Fire Is Spreading

At least 1,000 structures have destroyed by the wildfires which are moving toward Southern California, thousands of firefighters are battling on front as in hope that situation will be normal as soon and the monster fire is more dangerous than US and Santa.

California Wildfires: At Least 1,000 Structures Have Destroyed As Fire Is Spreading

According to the fire protection agency CAL FIRE that the fire is more dangerous than that one which came in New York because the blazes have destroyed thousands of structures along many homes.

People have fled to other states and firefighters are fighting on front in order to take the situation in normal conditions.

The monster fire has captured the Southern California as hundreds of residents have left their homes in order to save their lives because some cities of Santa is covered with fire blazes.

Which are much higher than New York and according to the firefighters they are trying to fight with wildfire.

The Santa Barbara County fire spokesman Mike Eliason reported to a news channel that wind is slowing down as the air is supporting the firefighters in fighting against the monster fires.

The blazes are coming to down and firefighters are now able to clear fight because the air has cleared due to support of wind.

Firefighter claimed that wind support is not very well but not so bad because it is better bad which is supporting the fighters to battle against the wildfires.

Air is clearing which is a positive sign for the fighters because they can now see the clear fires and blazes.

The Thomas Fire is considered as one of the major threat to state as it has destroyed the hundreds of structures in California while according to reports that the blazes are larger than the areas of New York City and Boston.

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