Published On: Tue, Jan 30th, 2018

Donald Trump Blasted FBI Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe Stepped Down

The deputy director of FBI Andrew McCabe stepped down on Monday after the criticism of President Donald Trump because of his views about political bias, he had planned to retire in March and reports say that Trump wanted his resignation.


It is reported by US media that the FBI deputy director Andre McCabe has resigned from post on Monday as he face many of times the criticism of American president Donald Trump who accused him of political bias .

And it is said that the FBI official person was in favor of  his 2016 Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Andre McCabe is a United State attorney who was the Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation from February 2016.

While now he has resigned on Monday because of Trump’s blast on him and he had the plan to retire in March but before the time he decided to step down.

According to the reports that in March he had the plan to retire but due to several times of criticism on him by United States President Donald Trump.

He served as the director of Federal board of Investigation from May 9, 2017 to August 2, 2017 after the dismissal of former director James by the American president Trump.

It is expected that he will retire in March with the full benefits even after the resignation, Andrew informed the authorities on Monday about his resignation.

And Trump’s administration has confirmed the news about his stepping down from the deputy director of FBI post.

US president Donald Trump accused him of political bias as he was in favor of his opponent in presidential campaign Hillary Clinton and now due to his blasts and criticism on Andrew he has alerted the officials on Monday about his resignation.

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