Published On: Fri, Jan 26th, 2018

First Lady Skips Davos, Melania Visits Museum And Trips To Florida

Melania Trump, first lady visited the West Palm Beach, Florida on Thursday while in this week she has cancelled the plan of visiting Davos, Switzerland with her husband Donald Trump and she visited the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.


In this week, she had the plan to visit Davos Switzerland with American president Donald Trump but at the time she cancelled the plan.

She visited the Memorial Museum on Thursday and according to law enforcement sources that she has the plan to visit Florida on Saturday while it is reported that she is going there to honor International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The East Wing, Trump reported that the first lady wanted to visit the Holocaust to give honor to 6 million lost Jews .

While she also wanted to give respect to the Nazi persecution’s victims who are in millions and for this purpose Melania Trump cancelled her plan to visit Davos with her husband at the time.

According to the First Lady Melania Trump that she prayers for those millions of people who have lost their loved ones in the horrors of the Holocaust.

She further said that commemoration, strength, and love are the ways though humanity is expressed and people can compensate the sorrows of others.

No photographs are leaked out by some are out of White House which is released by Officials, during her visit in Memorial Museum.

She showed her love and respect for those families who have lost their people in the horrors and she presented the honor to Museum too educate the people about the horrors and effects of holocaust.

After the cancellation of first lady’s plan, US president Donald Trump arrived at Palm Beach International Airport and Melania Trump went ahead toward Florida Trip after visiting Museum.

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