Published On: Thu, Jul 12th, 2018

Flooding In Japan Results In 155 Deaths With Several Dozen Still Missing

Western Japan was hit by torrential downpour and heavy rainfall resulting in floods in major parts of the country, causing at least 155 deaths and hundreds missing. The government is trying its best to deal with the situation and restore everyday life.


Within the first week of July, Japan experienced three times as much rainfall as it usually does, causing floods all over the country though western Japan seems to have see the worst of it.

The death toll had reached 155 by the time of last counting and is expected to increase as rescuers reach more areas.

Moreover, several dozen people are reported missing but are hoped to be found soon as the rescue operation continues.

The government issued a flood warning days before the situation got out of hand. People were advised to evacuate their homes and take shelter in the camps and gymnasium halls of schools.

At this moment, cities worth of people are staying in shelters and waiting for government officials to aid them.

There is also a large number of people who could not evacuate in time and are now trapped in their houses without food or freshwater, waiting for help to come.

In addition to flooding, the rescuers have to deal with landslides as well since most of Japanese residences are built on hilltops and mountains.

The geography and physical location of Japan makes it vulnerable to hurricanes, floods and landslides, with the government reserving millions in the national budget to deal with natural disasters.

The government has launched a nationwide rescue operation with more than 70,000 workers comprised of army and navy officers.

The Prime Minister of Japan also cancelled an international tour in the wake of the floods and is focused on resolving the issue as soon as possible.

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