Published On: Mon, Jan 29th, 2018

Foreigner Group Charged For One Year In Cambodia Jail For Dancing Pornographically

Police raided in a dance party where they arrested about ten foreigners in Siem Reap near Angkor Wat including Britons in charge of pornographic dance and they could face the upto 12 months of jail in Cambodia as officials reported.


According to the reports that the group of foreigners could face about 6 months in police detention while the case against them goes up.

The police caught the 10 people near the Angkor Wat which is a tourist destination in Siem Reap and they could be charged for one year in prison for dancing and singing pornographically.

In last week, the police officers raided at a private villa near Angkor which is a destination place in Cambodia and they arrested a group of foreigners who were singing and dancing.

In a pornographic way as their pictures in clothed have been posted on social media by police which shows their sexual moves with girls.

It is reported by the officials that the foreigners are from the countries United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, the Netherlands and Norway while their pornographic pictures have been uploaded by officials on social media.

They could face one year of jail and according to court they could be fined of $500 dollar on these illegal acts at a private villa.

Cambodia police released a statement on Thursday that they have caught about seventy seven people in raids in country while most of the arrested people have been released.

After investigation while on other side the British nationals are getting assistance from Britain foreign officer and they are caught in pornographic movement case.

On Saturday, police released pictures on social media of foreigners in dressed and sexually supported positions and it is reported that they could face one year punishment in prison.

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