Published On: Sat, Apr 21st, 2018

Fresh Protests Cause 4 Deaths, Clashes On Gaza-Israel Border

In a fourth straight Friday of mass protests contains thousands demonstrators and clashes at front of Israeli security forces on the Gaza Strip’s border, have killed more four Palestinians.  


People from Gaza who are taking part protests, flew also so many kites close to the border fence, in some cases holding Molotov cocktails and one with a swastika painted on it, appears to be a new way but that flashed about two small fires in Israeli territory current week.

In northern Gaza, Israeli security forces shot dead two young men at age of 24 and 25, and a 15-year-old boy, while another death of a 29-year-old Palestinian was reported in the south of the coastal commune, rescue workers informed media.

Nikolay Mladenov, who is United Nation’s special coordinator for the Middle East peace process, shared his true feeling via his Twitter on Friday night, called for an inquiry into the deaths.

Mladenov quoted is his latest tweet, it is shameful to spray bullets at children, added, the Palestinian children must be defended from violence, please keep away from these kinds protest and not shot dead, however, the recent tragic incident will surely be investigated.

On other hand, Riyad Mansour who is the Palestinian ambassador at the United Nations has renewed his demand a transparent and independent probe.

By collecting latest deaths, learnt about 38 Palestinian have been killed by Israel’s security forces gunshots during the series of protests on the Gaza Strip’s border with Israel, started since 30 March, while so many were also injured by shootings, Health Ministry of Gaza told media reporters.

The Health Ministry also explained that 440 protesters were reportedly injured on Friday alone when Israeli security officials launched shootings and used a required tear gas inhalation over the stimulated Palestinian.

Israel says it has only opened fire when necessary to guard its border and prevent violence, but no Israelis have been wounded and its open-fire rules have come under scrutiny.

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