Published On: Sat, Mar 14th, 2020

Going Wild: The Craziest and Most Exotic Places to Give Your Partner a Bodyrub

So, you’re ready to give bodyrubs a try and up your bedroom game? Well, we have the ultimate list of how to take your new naughty to the next level.

Bodyrubs are a great way to reignite that fire in long term relationships or to get a new one off to the right start. The real beauty of a bodyrub is that they don’t have to take forever, and you can give one pretty much anywhere.

“Bodyrubs create sensuality. Which is different from sex. They increase desire and wanting.” Says the pro at Elite Indulgence. “They’re very similar to edging, which is a practice that has recently gained some well-deserved popularity. To really up the ante and take your imagination and pleasure to the next level: don’t be afraid to mix it up.”

We take this advice very seriously. So what better way to shake things up that to make everyday moments that much more special by adding in a cheeky little bodyrub?

Make It Public

“Taking your sexuality public is very thrilling.” Going public can not only make your new-found nookie more exciting, but it can also be very freeing. While it’s always important to be aware of local laws regarding decency, there are still ways to get some excitement without getting in trouble.

On Your Balcony

Giving, or getting a bodyrub on a balcony is exciting for a number of reasons. The fresh air on your skin, the exhilaration of being a few floors up, and the delightful thrill of getting caught. All rolled into one in the comfort of your own home- sort of.

Hit the Roof

Small city apartments rarely have backyards or even personal balconies, but check and see if you’ve got some sneaky roof access. This can have all the thrill of a balcony bodyrub, but with a bit more privacy and intimacy.

Join the Party

Sex parties are a great place to hand out your bodyrub skills. In a large public space filled to the brim with consenting adults- you can have all the thrills and chills of being public- with zero percent chance you’ll get arrested.

Afternoon Delight

Everybody loves a nooner, but make it all the sweeter by only giving in to a body rub- leaving you and your partner begging for more. This can excite the imagination and help solidify your focus on what will happen when you get home.

In Your Car

If your seats lay down, you’re ready for a rub. Check out an inflatable backseat mattress or throw down a few towels to make sure that you don’t get oil all over your ride. Get creative with different positions and ways to place your body for maximum coverage without being uncomfortable.

In the Office

Few things are as sexy as getting tossed over a desk. The office is a great space for the couple that loves to role-play. Better yet, a desk works perfectly as a massage table. Make sure that if you’re planning on a rub down during office hours, you use oils that will easily soak into the skin.

At a Hotel

Hotels are the perfect venue for a midday snack. Giving you all the time and privacy you need, fully equipped with a shower to get you right back into work mode. There’s also something delightfully dirty about renting out a room for just an hour or two.

Feeling Exotic

Some moments are just plain memorable on their own, but to really encourage that hippocampus sticking power- come prepared with some oils and a nice, big blanket.

On a Mountain Top

Up in the mountains is quite possibly the best environment for an out-of-doors bodyrub experience. No pesky sand or gritty saltwater. Chances are, to reach those secluded peaks you had a bit of a hike already, so a bodyrub is the perfect way to embrace your surroundings while working out all of that built-up tension.

At the Beach

Sand and saltwater can occasionally be less than enjoyable, especially when you’re thinking about a bodyrub. If you don’t want to embrace mother nature’s natural exfoliants, but still want those tropical vibes, consider bringing an extra-large beach blanket or even a tent.

Have a Picnic

Picnics are easily the go-to romantic date setting. Dinner under the stars, lunch in a secluded park. Whatever the location, wine, cheese, delightful food, and good company always pair well together. Just don’t forget dessert. Choose fun and fruity scented oil to ensure that your partner will want extra helpings.

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