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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In The World 2019

Every single human being has the desire to create a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle for himself and his family. For this purpose, people work hard and diligently to see their dreams become true. But at times, some individuals don’t get paid enough from their jobs.

For those, we have listed the perfect high paying professions. All the countries do not pay same for a job. Wages of different jobs differ in various countries and sometimes even within a country but there are certain jobs and professions who have high salaries throughout the world.

Being a celebrity or a superstar also pays you well but that’s not a proper job for an average individual. For those who desire an occupation that will bring in huge amounts of money, this is the right place as we have listed ten jobs which have the highest salaries everywhere around the world no matter where you are.

Here’s the catalogue Top 10 highest paying jobs in the world 2019.

10. Banking

The tenth highest paying job is banking or finance. This job is liked by many because of its peaceful, calm and serene environment 6 of work. Banking is a remarkable and unique job and is a dream of many. It is an important profession as bankers have to deal with financial matters. Each and every country of the world has a large number of banks and hence, there are loads of job opportunities for MBA Finance degree holders. Salary of banking differs in various countries but is still high. In United States of America, a banker usually earns around 307,000 dollars while in the United Kingdom; a banker can profit almost 243,000 dollars.


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09. College or University Professor

Teaching is a very universal job. No matter what you’ve studied, you can always be a teacher. Some of the teaching jobs are really high paying. There are job opportunities for professional teachers in nearly every part of the world. People prefer teaching over other professions as it is a very respectful and Honorable profession. Now coming to the pay, the salary of school, college and university teachers and professors varies accordingly. A highly qualified professor can earn over 160.000 dollars in the United States while England and Germany offer 125,000 dollars and 219,000 dollars respectively for the job.


08. Computer Hardware Engineer

It is the era of computers. You will find computers in every company, institute and workplace around the world. As the number of computers has increased significantly, so have the computer hardware jobs. Computer hardware engineer is a global profession and the salaries will be high where ever you go. Every work place requires computer hardware engineers for their normal functioning. A computer hardware engineer can earn more than 144,000 dollars in the United States of America. The United Kingdom drops this number to 55,000 dollars whereas Germany offers around 95,000 dollars to a computer hardware engineer.


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07. Database Administrator

A DBA or a database administrator is given the job of securing and protecting the database system. It is a very responsible job as the database system is the most important thing for any company or workplace. A database administrator has a major role in the advancement of any business; therefore he must have a complete awareness of the latest security tools. Only people with outstanding skills and ability to compete with problems can do this job. Database administrators are salaried greatly for this important job. Normally, they get paid around 80,000 dollars.


06. Mechanical Engineer

Engineering in any field is a skilful and highly salaried occupation, but mechanical engineering tops all other engineering fields as it is a highly in-demand and top paid profession in the present year 2018. A good mechanical engineering job requires a proper and highly qualified degree. Mechanical engineers have jobs waiting for them in private companies and also government offices throughout the world. Mechanical engineers are highly waged in every region but mostly in European and Arabian states. An average mechanical engineer can take away 100,000 dollars with him every year.


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05. Computer System Analyst

As it is well known to everyone, computers play a major and vital role in our life and hence they are expected to be everywhere around us. From a large company to a small private shop, computers are an important part of every workplace and factory floor. So there are several posts for computer system analysts at almost everywhere. This job requires an all-in-one person who is well aware of computer hardware, software and also networking. This is why this job always has a high merit and also offers a handsome amount of money. A computer system analyst can easily get 120,000 dollars annually.


04. Senior Software Engineer

It is the world of technology, science, internet and computers. Every now and then, we hear about some new software developed by a certain company. All of this is the work of software engineers. Software engineering is the most in-demand career nowadays. Fresh graduates still have a long way to go but there are thousands of great opportunities for professional and senior software engineers as every company has plans for new and advanced software.A professional software engineer can earn around 157, 000 dollars yearly. Some jobs also offer free medical and residence.


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03. Marketing Manager

Market managing is a very important occupation nowadays. The job of market managers is to promote and sell the services and products of their relevant company. An education criterion for this job is a degree in MBA. A market manager supervises and manages the promotion activities. In the United States of America, a market manager gets an annual salary of 102,000 dollars while the United Kingdom gives 73,000 dollars annually to a market manager. Canada gives the highest salaries of 115,000 dollars per year to a market manager.


02. CEO

The Chief Consecutive Officer usually known as a CEO is the basic pillar and support of a company or workplace. A Chief Consecutive Officer has many responsibilities such as communicating with other firms and sometimes managing also. Highly qualified and experienced individuals are preferred and given the job of a CEO. Besides huge salary, a CEO also profits from medical, transport and residence provided by the company. CEO wages vary according to the business but are still huge. Some Chief Consecutive Officers from United States can earn 430,000 dollars yearly whereas in England, CEOs can earn almost 295,000 dollars.


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01. Dentist

The highest paid job of the world is that of a dentist. Because of spicy foodstuff, fast food and alcohol consumption, tooth diseases are very common nowadays. The most popular patients of a dentist are children as they eat lots of chocolates, candies and sweets. Dentists are salaried generously as dentist treatment is one of the most expensive treatments around the globe. The United States of America rewards a salary of 225,000 dollars annually to a dentist while he is given an income of 135,000 dollars per year in the United Kingdom.


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