Published On: Tue, Jun 4th, 2019

How Mobile Technology Transforms Education?

Ever since its invention, technology has played an increasingly great role in our lives. This includes the educational system and everyone involved in it.

Every day, instructors incorporate various tech devices and adapt their strategies to improve the exchange of information with the learners. Seeing how learners are highly linked to technology and use it on everyday basis, recognizing its potential in education is a great step toward transforming the education as it is.

Most of the students today don’t know of life without technology. In fact, research shows that technology and internet connection is currently available in over 90% of all classrooms. With the rise in mobile device use, it is safe to say that most searches are done with a smartphone. Because of it, we are facing an imminent need to implement mobile technology in education and boost the learning with its help.

The Impact of Mobile Learning on Student Achievement

A full and successful transition to a technology enriched-classroom still seems far away, but the advantages of mobile technology in education are already quite present. Here are the ways mobile technology transforms the education of today.

1.   Differentiated Learning

With the use of mobile devices, the system can enjoy a more personalized learning. How? Well, technology allows instructors and educational systems to provide various ways for studying for students.

That way, if a student is, let’s say, more of a visual learner, he’ll benefit from the interactive materials on their smart device. A different student who learns better when reading, can use an online textbook.

This best answers the question ‘what is mobile technology in education?’ Mobile technology allows for unlimited possibilities for students to learn in the ways that are best suited to them as individuals.

2.   Access to Information

Technology grants us unlimited access to information, something that’s been the aim of education since forever. With the proper guidance of instructors, students can finally enjoy an unlimited access to data for their research. For example, they can use their mobile devices to find the best IT topics for their next paper, discover interesting facts about the subject they are studying, or even take useful and automatically organized notes that will keep them from missing deadlines.

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Speaking of deadlines, technology offers students yet another benefit. With a mobile device, they can now use dissertation proposal writing services and avoid missing a deadline because they failed to perform the research or write the content, even if they’ve already started their classes at school.   

3.   Real-Time Monitoring and Assessment

Mobile devices can provide metrics and gather data that leads to unbiased, accurate, and instant feedback and assessment on the work of every individual student. This has been a very difficult task for instructors and very often, they fail to take something into consideration. By making it automated with the use of mobile devices, everyone now has access to immediate assessment and monitoring of the progress of students.

Whether it is professors or parents, real-time assessment and monitoring allows them to see if a student meets his educational goals. To make things even better, such assessment will help improve the entire curriculum and point out to the things every individual student must work on.

4.   Automated Tasks

All those tedious, overwhelming tasks teachers and students had to do by hand can now be done with the use of a mobile device. Nowadays, there are plenty of educational mobile programs that organize the schedules, classwork, grade the assignments, as well as allow for the communication between teachers and students to happen in real time.

Students today expect the help of their mobile devices. If instructors use a strategic approach in the integration of automation tools, everyone can benefit from it.

5.   Flexibility to Study from Anywhere

With their mobile phones handy, students now have the chance to extend their learning outside of the traditional classroom. Technology is known to reduce the amount of papers and books students and instructors have to constantly carry around, as well as process assignments in real time for the instructors to grade them.

Mobile devices are currently lowering all kinds of barriers in terms of doing research, organizing homework and tasks, as well as studying. The freedom to access important information from any place with an internet connection benefits everyone, but it is especially important for those in the actual learning process.


We are currently living in a world of digital revolution. Technology has been a part of education for quite a while now, but the integration of mobile devices is still rather new. However, with the rapid increase in mobile device use and the fact that it’s currently more frequently utilized than desktop, it is more important than ever to use mobile technology in the classroom.

Mobile devices in the classroom can truly transform the learning and make a positive impact in the current educational system.

Author’s Bio:

Elizabeth Skinner is a full-time teacher and a part-time writer. When she’s not filling the minds of young learners, she contributes her teaching experience and knowledge through her blogs and online educational articles. As a person with over a decade of experience in teaching, she’s provided us with useful insight into the ways to improve modern education.

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