Published On: Wed, Nov 14th, 2018

How To Hire And Manage A Remote Team Of Developers

Cost reduction is not the only one reason why we need to outsource. Flexibility and availability are just as important. Although these points should be taken into account when choosing your offshore location, I recommend first choosing the quality.

View the ranking of top outsourcing destinations, choose a few that seem the most promising and research them carefully. What kind of work ethic is there? How many technical universities do they have? Have you ever heard of successful startups that have arisen there? Do large companies have R & D offices? These are very important questions. Or even better, you can check your professional network, maybe there is someone who works with these countries and can share their experience.

You may prefer to find a place that has the minimum time difference with you. But that should not be in the first place in your priority list. You will be able to work with different time zones with an iterative approach to software development.

Experience is an important part of decision making and this is closely related to the mindset that a manager uses to control a group of developers that is not clearly visible. The outsourcing paradigm actually aims to divide the workload into smaller parts. Giving up work on the one hand can alleviate work but on the other hand can push work to a lower level of effectiveness. Without a change in mindset, it is impossible for a manager to work with a group of remote developers.

Choose motivated people
You cannot go further without motivated people. Hiring a group of developers is not as simple as paying them to do something. This is more than that! You should find people who enjoy their work so you can encourage them naturally to improve the quality of your company as well as their quality as a team. By working with passionate people, everything will be easier.

Give them trust
There is no successful collaboration without trust between the two parties. When you work with your developers, give them trust and freedom to a certain point. If you don’t give them trust, then you will do outsourcing work in vain. The essence of outsourcing is giving up your work to others but how does that happen if you manage everything to the smallest parts?

Perform supervision
Do supervision or you will waste your time. For each stage of work, say the c++ test, you must be actively involved in the assessment per section. Each job actually consists of several smaller parts of work and you cannot complete everything without making sure each part is done properly. But remember! Supervising work does not mean not trusting your workers.

Make sure you can contact them at any time
You are setting up a group of remote developers, but communication should not be a barrier between you and them. Make sure you can connect with them at any time and make sure they can show the results of their work online.

There are still some important points but understanding and doing the advice above is your first step in outsourcing your project to remote developers.

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