Published On: Thu, Aug 9th, 2018

Irrfan Khan to be the only reason behind Karwaan’s sensation

Irrfan Khan is one reason why the journey of Karwaan is living to tell the tale.

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Irrfan Khan has his own name in B-town when it comes to acting. The versatile actor gives a new life to every role he plays. With a touch of slapstick, he makes his every film worth watching. Being a veteran, the actor has performed in a number of movies and almost all were well received by the audience and critics. Movies featuring the multitalented artist gross largely on the box office too and pack the ticket windows.

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The latest movie of Irrfan Khan, Karwaan is running in the cinemas with not great but a good outcome. Although the movie did not see a high-grossing opening on the first day, it had a better weekend. Opening day saw an earnings of 1.5 crore rupees while the first weekend raked in 8 crore rupees. The film couldn’t perform well as compared to other movies featuring the talented actor Irrfan Khan.

The story orbits round Avinash (Salman), who is not on good terms with his father who did not let him follow his dream. One day, he receives a call telling him that his father has passed away. In an attempt to find his late father’s cadaver, he takes on the journey of self-discovery. On the way, Avinash seeks help from one of his friends, Shaukat (Irrfan). The two then come across Tanya (Palkar) on their trip.

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Surely, Irrfan Khan and his dialogues are the only things which are keeping hold of the movie and its entertaining factor. Bejoy Nambiar’s tale is refreshing and unique but on the other hand it is also unimpressive. This whole picture of journeying on road just because of two corpses is not much convincing.

Well, for those who have time on their hand, Karwaan is a good one to watch as they will be welcomed by Irrfan Khan’s unbelievably amusing dialogues.


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