Published On: Fri, Nov 24th, 2017

Japan Claims That 8 Suspected North Korean Fishermen Found Who Washed Ashore

On Friday Japanese police has found eight people in the northern coast of Japan as the fishermen are saying that they are from North Korean who washed ashore after the broke down of their boat and police investigating the case.

Japan Claims That 8 Suspected North Korean Fishermen Found Who Washed Ashore.jpg

According to the Akita prefectural police that they found the eight fishermen when they received a call that some suspicious people were standing at the seaside in Yurihonjo town.

While the initial reports says that officer has found a broken boat near the area Marina and the suspects are looking like citizens of North Korea who washed ashore in Japan.

Police has said in a statement that the all fishermen who are found at the seaside on late Thursday, are speaking in Korean language.

While according to them they were fishing but due to some serious situation their boat has broken down and washed ashore in Japan while according to suspects that they are the North Koreans.

Now a day’s North Korean has many crisis with its neighbor countries like South as well as Japan, due to their clash, tensions are raising with the passage of time.

In recent days North Korea has warned its neighbor country that Pyongyang will imposed the nuclear bombs that will destroy their region and due to war words there crisis among countries.

Japan is a country which is taking steps against the North Korea as in recent days, the country’s navy has participated in the military drills with United States Navy in Western Pacific and Philippine sea.

While now eight people were found and it is doubt that may be Japan will not allow them to go back.

While Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said that all fishermen were included in illegal fishing and investigation is under the way.


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