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  For everyone the concept of the word expensive means something hat costs a lot of money. While there are many numerous things that cost a lot of money there are also some special liquids that defy the common sense when it comes to buy them. We are not talking here about some liquid gold or silver. These are some real live liquids obtained either from natural or artificial sources. For our readers today, we have compiled a list of some of the most expensive liquids currently available on the face of the earth. Liquid paper: $150 per gallon Liquid paper is actually the correction pen ink that lets the user correct their written mistakes. In today’s world, his item has become rather multipurpose one. It can be used for creation of unique texture as well as to add glitter or for homemade projects. The ingredients of this liquid include the following contents. Solvent naphtha Mineral spirits Dispersants Fragrances Patchouli essential oil: $605 per gallon This, one of a kind expensive oil is made form either the fresh or dried leaves of plant named Pogostemon. The oil has antiseptic properties which help in treating following health conditions. Fever Fungal infections Kidney stones The aroma fights bad body odor Human blood: $1,330 per gallon A full grown human adult has nearly 1.3 gallons of blood in his or her body. The blood is consistent of plasmas and cells and a human body is unable to function without presence of blood. Although many people today donate blood for charity causes, the storage of such donated blood is quite expensive which explains this high price. Gamma hydroxybutyric acid (GHB): $2,210 per gallon   4-hydroxybutanoic acid or more commonly known as the GHB is used to treat following health conditions. Narcolepsy Insomnia Cataplexy Alcoholism This liquid is the by-product of wine, citrus fruits and beef which are all fermented together. The sale of GHB is prohibited by law in several countries of the world which makes the price so high. Mercury: $2,966 per gallon   Mercury is the only metal that remains in its liquid form even at room temperature. This liquid metal is used primarily for production of Thermometers. Apart from this use, the mercury is also helpful for use in h following industries. chemical industries metal production Agriculture Insulin: $13,100 per gallon The human organ named Pancreas naturally produces Insulin to regulate the blood sugar level. People who suffer from diabetes, there body lacks to produce this natural insulin. This is where this artificial insulin comes into play. The main feature of Insulin is to regulate the glucose level of human body along with boosting the metabolic process. Chanel No. 5: $23,300 per gallon Channel No. 5 is the legendary perfume known by almost any perfume enthusiast in the world. This one of a kind perfume was invented back in 1922 and it took the markets by storm. Even after so many decades, this perfume s still considered top of the line product. The secret to the perfume’s high price is its making or which rare flower petals and essence of rare roots are used. Horseshoe crab blood: $53,250 per gallon This special crab’s blood does not contain hemoglobin for absorbing oxygen in the blood and transporting it to all other organs of human body. He crab blood instead contains “Hemocyanin” which makes the blood blue. The specialty of this blue blood is that when pathogens and bacteria enter this blood, the blood forms clot around them. This instant blood clotting property makes the blood immensely helpful for pharmacology. After the blood has been drawn, the horseshoe crabs are set free. An interesting fact; most of the medicine used in the world are tested using the blood of Horseshoe crab. LSD: $109,200 per gallon LSD is the semi-synthetic psychoactive substance that is also well known by its more common name; The Hippy Drug. While in the past, this drug was available far and wide, however, today it is banned in all the countries across the world. King cobra venom: $135,700 per gallon King Cobra is the most lethal and dangerous snake in the world. A single bite from this snake is able to kill an adult elephant in mere minutes. People have to risk their lives in order to obtain its poison. The poison of King Cobra is useful for medical research purposes. Scientists believe that the King Cobra’s poison might hold the key to cure some rare incurable diseases. Parkinson’s Alzheimer’s diseases Schizophrenia Depression Scorpion venom: $34,626,000 per gallon The venom of the scorpion like King Cobra also holds key for many medical breakthroughs. It is suspected that the venom of scorpion can ultimately be sued to cure incurable diseases like the following. multiple sclerosis rheumatoid arthritis inflammatory bowel disease  D’Amalfi Limoncello Supreme, The most expensive alcohol in the world: $35,598,000 per bottle  D’Amalfi Limoncello Supreme; is the name of world’s most expensive wine. Even a single bottle of it can sell for average of 3.5 million dollars. This wine is prepared under traditional Italian recipes with main ingredient being the lemons hand plucked from the Amalfi Hills. Although this holds some merit to the wine’s price, the main reason for its high price is the 3 diamonds of 13 karats covering the bottleneck. As for the middle of the bottle another rare diamond of 18.5 karat is fitted. Only two bottles have ever been made of this expensive wine.  

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