Published On: Fri, Aug 17th, 2018

Mira Rajput eventually opens up about being trolled for advertising anti-aging product

Mira Rajput has ultimately put an end to her silence on being greatly criticized for her first ad, which marked her debut in the acting world.

Mira Rajput finally breaks her silence on being trolled for her first ad!

Superstar Shahid Kapoor is quite a big figure in the bollywood world. His wife Mira Rajput made her debut in the acting world with an ad of a make-up product.

The commercial was for a renowned brand, Olay skincare products. In the video, we see Mira speaking about welcoming motherhood, her daughter Misha, husband Shahid Kapoor and a lot more. It looks like that the commercial was shot at her house as many photos of her wedding can be seen in the background.

Alongside the video she posted on social media, Mira wrote that motherhood cannot stop you from being yourself.

Shahid Kapoor praised wife Mira’s work. Besides Shahid, many other admired Mira for her first acting work. But where there’s good, there’s bad too.

There were many who criticised her work. She was trolled a great deal on social media. Several people criticised her for advertising an anti-aging cream at such a young age.

Some said that she need not have advertised such a product at a mere age of 23. Mira was silenced at the subject for quite a long time but now at last she has spoken her mind on the great deal of criticism that she received.

Talking in an interview, Mira said that internet is one platform that is within the reach of everyone and people can say whatever they want on the internet.

Thus, there will be judgements. She further continued that she herself also expresses what she feels so this situation isn’t a bolt out of the blue for her. Nowadays, people get commented on everything they say and do and somehow it is sad.

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