Published On: Fri, Apr 6th, 2018

New Gaza Protest Indicates Fears Of Fresh Violence At Israel Border

It is reported to be that thousands of Palestinians are planning to protest at Gaza’s border on Friday in spite of strict warnings from Israel authorities that they will be using open-fire to stop the protestors.


However, if the Palestinians move towards the border, may be cause of fresh violent behavior or the bloodiest day for Gazans in years.

The planned protest is planned in aggression over Israeli troops who shot dead 18 Palestinians in previous rally is held at the heavily fortified Gaza border, came out as the bloodiest day as of a 2014 conflict.

The demonstrations are being done at border lines as the Israel authorities have confiscated Palestinians residences as well as in favor of refugees but these invite unexpected violence that may be cause of more deaths.

Actually small groups are behind disturbance in protests as people were making peaceful demonstration previous Friday,.

While some persons from these factions raised violence by entering and throwing stones and rolled burning tyres towards Israeli soldiers who treated using direct bullets and tear gas.

Nonetheless, Israeli authorities order to response using disproportionate force experienced huge rage from other nations who condemned, while troops acts had to face huge criticism.

The Israel has decided to take more strict actions if the protesters try to spoil peace at border lines or to make access on boundaries, even though some militants have shot fires on Israeli soldiers.

Defence Minister for Israel, Avigdor Lieberman said they will not be changing open-fire rules if the Palestinians attempt to break peace at border on 6 April.

The White House supported Palestinians to make protest but peacefully and to stay500 meters from Gaza’s border with Israel, while Israel respected the request but some extremists entered in the demonstration caused chaos and killings.

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